Monday, February 25, 2008

Independence versus BILLS

I recently decided that independence was overrated and saving a few hundred bucks (rent, utilities, internet and major groceries) was the logical choice. Of course, after like 2 weeks, I'm about to pull my hair out! To be honest, my parents are not the smothering type, well not in most ways, but once you get a taste of independence it is really hard to accept any intrusion. For example:

There is a bathroom right next to the room I'm using, it is not really "mine" but technically nothing is :D. Anyway, it’s like when I notice all the stuff is rearranged, even if someone cleans it "for me". There are also those moments when you hear the door close and it doesn't open for 10 minutes... ohh yeah.

I think it was Flight of the Conchords where one of the character's friend was talking about his "roommates" and how they are so annoying, eventually there is that awkward moment (like in all the episodes) when one of the main characters says "You mean your mom?". Ironically, you have to establish rules and boundaries like you do a roommate, otherwise everyone ends up frustrated. Can you really get upset when your dad steals your socks or eats all of the cereal you bought? I mean if you have no or discounted "rent" it doesn't give you much to stand on. Now an actual roommate situation is a little different…

At the end of the day you just have to have some understanding, and it probably will be worth the headache (at least financially) in the long run.

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