Sunday, November 1, 2009

Credit Card Rate Increases... Fuck!

So I've received credit card rate purchase APR increase notices from:

American Express, Chase, Bank of Nevada, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, WAMU (now owned by Chase), Cabela's Card. All of these rates have increased by at least 5% and simultaneously switched to variable APRs.

All I have to say is, FUCK YOU banks and underwriters of the world. And why not? Fuck the government too! Somehow you have been able to get monies from the government (the government which is paid for by regular people like myself) while simultaneously fucking over your customers with ridiculous and in many cases unjustified (even on a risk basis) changes to your credit relationships. So you weren't happy with the money that you have made historically from encouraging people to swim in debt? You blew all the money you "earned" and didn't put anything aside for when everyone decided to stop paying you the 20% interest because they have no money left? That was poor planning on your part! But wait, who gets caught paying for you being irresponsible? The other customers that are STILL paying you and every person that pays taxes in our country.

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