Sunday, March 9, 2008

Eating Frugally

Unfortunately with all of the advertising and marketing that is thrown our way (meaning recent college grads and college students in general) it is difficult to cut down on excessive spending. Especially when one of your friends is telling you how great their new gadget or outfit is.

The same can be said when you are in need of an energy boost in the form of some sort of energy drink or other caffeinated beverage or when you do not have time to pack a lunch.

Ipod: $200, Mocha Frap: $5, Jimmy Johns: $10
Not being able to figure out why it is going to take you 3000 years to pay back your college debt... priceless.

It sounds funny, but the numbers really don't lie. If you fare on the more excessive side and eat out for all three meals you are probably spending around $5 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $10-15 for dinner. Maybe at the same time you do get a coffee, pop or other snack totaling another $5 dollars. Your final number is about $35.... for one day! Multiply that by 30 and you are up to over $1000! If you are making $40000/yr out of college you are spending almost 40% of your income on food and snacks. Of course most people may only eat out once a day, but it still adds up:

5 X Sandwiches for lunch at a deli @ $6 = $30

1 Loaf of bread + deli meat/cheese = $10

If you really want to go the extra mile you can take the free packets of dressing from cafeterias, etc. My point is, even in this example you can save 66% and brown bag it.

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