Friday, March 21, 2008

Job Opportunity Scams - The Team

I've talked to a lot of people lately that are either thinking about joining or frustrated and leaving all of these scams that are out there. You know what I'm talking about: Pyramid Schemes, Multi-level Marketing, etc. The bottom line is, all of these organization make ridiculous promises to desperate people and end up wasting their time and money.

Specifically I have been hearing a lot about one particular organization, The Team.

It really frustrates me that these organizations go out there and talk about "opportunity and leadership" while at the same time not mentioning how their program actually works. What they do is they try to win you over on principle. Ironically, the team actually claims to be a Judaeo-Christian organization which helps them infiltrate community events. Their entire business model is based off of selling via personal relationships. That means convincing the lower-level people to go out there and sell to all of their friends and family (typically ruining their relationships).

Members are also encouraged to purchase numerous cds, books and other useless add-ons that they make even more money on. This is in addition to ordering through "The Team" catalog for all of their personal items.

Here are some first person accounts on how The Team is a scam:
7 Years:

So please, warn your family and friends of this empty promise, show them these websites and save them (and you) the headache!

I invite you to check out some resources on the subject:

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